Natural buttons

We develop buttons obtained from different natural materials that stand out for having a unique composition due to their raw materials, in addition to being very beautiful and resistant items that will take a leading role in the garments where they are incorporated.


Natural buttons


Urea resin

It is a type of resin or adhesive that is extracted from milk protein. It is one of the most sought-after materials due to the wide variety of finishes it allows and for the beauty of its final result.

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This material, widely used in high-end garments, comes 100% from animal horn. It is very durable, respectful of the environment and cruelty free, since the horn used to make our articles comes from deceased animals.

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Tropical plant from the Caribbean and Central America, corozo buttons stand out for the beautiful waters that the material offers. It has the peculiarity that there are not two totally identical seeds, which makes each button unique. In addition, it is a very appreciated material because it is easy to stain, cut, engrave, polish, burn, lacquer and apply any type of finish. It is also worth noting its durability and resistance to bumps and scratches.

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It is an ecological natural material that can be extracted from different trees. At Disboton, we manufacture buttons in olive wood and not in another due to its greater resistance to production processes and finishes. Once manufactured, they can be given a wide variety of finishes, among which burnt stands out, which gives it a very nice aged appearance.

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Nacre, also called mother-of-pearl, is an organic-inorganic substance found in the inner layer of pearl oysters. It is one of the most prestigious, used and valued materials in the fashion sector. Its hardness, whiteness and brilliance is capable of generating opalescent or iridescent reflections. The mother-of-pearl button is very versatile and adds class to each garment.

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Traditional as well as exquisite, this material has a high decorative value to add to accessories, garments or fabrics. Bone buttons are perfectly suited to fabrics made from natural plant or animal fibers – wool, linen and cotton. They are widely used in outerwear – coats, jackets, blazers or raincoats, but they are also often seen in suits and vests.

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