Sustainable buttons

We are a company committed to the environment and constantly fighting to find new materials that do not affect our planet negatively.


Sustainable buttons



These buttons are 100% natural and biodegradable as they are made entirely from bamboo. They resist washing, although we recommend dry cleaning. They allow tinting, although we recommend applying a protective varnish to prevent discoloration and release of color on the garment.

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Scientific advances have allowed us to create buttons made with eco-sustainable resin, composed of biomass and other raw materials of renewable origin. 

This material contains 41% bio-based carbon, twice the minimum limit required by European regulation EN 16935: 2017, which reduces the use of raw materials of fossil origin, CO2 emissions and pollution.

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A completely natural material made from the shell of the coconut itself. We obtain its shell naturally without carrying out any kind of process. It is, without a doubt, a complement to which attributes prominence to the garment, since they are very beautiful and delicate buttons.

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Recycled cotton

The buttons made with vegetable cotton fibers and recycled polyester have a very special finish to the touch, reminiscent of cloth or felt buttons.

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Recycled paper

Suitable for all types of clothing, it contains 70% recycled paper fibers combined with recycled polyester powder.

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When thinking about sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, hemp is rarely mentioned. However, this fiber, which is obtained from the Cannabis sativa plant, has turned out to be a very resistant material for the development of buttons and trimmings. In addition, it grows quickly without the need for much water and does not require pesticides or other chemical agents.

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Recycled antler

Composed of antler and polyester powder recovered from the manufacture of previous articles. Therefore, we affirm that they are buttons manufactured entirely through recovered materials.

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Jute is the vegetable fiber extracted from the stem and bark of the plant called Corchorus capsularis. This component is 100% natural, ecological, biodegradable, reusable and recyclable. It is a material resistant to dyeing, washing and ironing.

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