We use the experience gained after so many years handling and developing new materials to expand our collection including other trimmings such as buckles, handles, snaps, pompoms, chains, ribbons, plates or cords, among other developments that we tailor for each client.
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We have a wide range of buckles for all kinds of garments and accessories. Our buckles are available in different widths and materials depending on the garment in which we want to decorate. The buckles can have a classic design or be sliding buckles.


We are used to seeing the pullers in our clothing, adding style and personality to our zippers. Even so, we cannot forget that pullers are also accessories suitable for all types of rooms and decorative styles, regardless of whether it is the furniture in the living room, dining room, kitchen or bathroom. Due to the nature of its materials and manufacturing process, each piece is unique, with exclusive details.


We offer the possibility of using fur pompoms for any garment, highlighting hats, scarves and accessories such as bags and key rings. Among the different types of pompoms, we offer different sizes and colors. Our pompoms are made of faux fur and without contributing to animal cruelty.


The fasteners or snaps will help you to seal the garment, bag and other accessories without any difficulty and with a discreet or daring result depending on its use.


Made of polyester or cotton with tulle, they are very soft and light to the touch. Our lace-ups have different finishes and widths. They are ideal for embellishments on garments, accessories, brooches, scrapbooking or headbands. The effect of lace on your garments is sophisticated as well as simple and versatile.


We offer you a wide range of shoulder pads that will adapt to any type of garment depending on the size and sleeve required by your design.


One of the best ways to customize your clothing, footwear, bags and jewelry accessories. Our chains are available in different materials: steel, aluminum and plastic. Within the materials that we have, we offer different types of links (classic, square, double, oval, etc.) in a wide variety of colors, from the typical gold, silver and black, to a daring range of colors, either from a pantone or the fabric that you choose.


Our studs of all kinds are very easy to apply and are available in different metallic colors (gold, silver and bluish) and head shapes such as round, square and star. You can find them with spikes or iron-on for a more discreet finish. They are used mainly in denim or denim clothing, but they can also be used to decorate your bags, slippers and even home decoration: chairs, sofas, headboards, among others.


Pressure buttons or snaps consist of a pair of disks made of metal or plastic that are used to fasten clothing.


You will find a large assortment of laces for different uses, such as shoelaces, for decoration or to make any type of craft. In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of materials such as cotton, acrylics, silk cords, leather – imitation or metallic, and accessories to decorate the ends with aglets of different designs and colors.


Accompanied by different shades and types of pearls and crystals, offering different designs and a wide range of colors. These strips or trimmings are ideal for decorating t-shirts, bags, dresses, shoes and other accessories, with which they will make you shine.  The rhinestone braid can be thermo-adhesive or sewn, making it very easy to apply.


Fringes are ornaments made up of several threads or cords of the same length that hang from a gallon, usually trimmings and fabric similar to that of the fringe. At Disboton you can find a wide variety of fringes, not just thread or cord, but fringes made with feathers, strawberry trees, chains or suede.


Brooches have innumerable uses, they are used for shirts, coats and other garments, backpacks, fanny packs, sports belts, but also to replace broken or time-worn fasteners on bikinis and bras. These brooches can be made of metal, trimmings, duffle coat, rhinestones, acrylic, plastic, cord or leather.


From your fabric, we give you the possibility to line the buttons that you want to add to your garment: flat buttons, bombé, ball, eyelet, ring, etc.


It is a type of closure made with a cord or trimmings closed in a bow to form a loop, button or overlapping buttonhole, through which passes the knot button. It is used to close or simply use it as an ornament in knitted or fabric jackets, since we have different colors and formats.